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A helpful guide for finding and using ebooks from Rowan University.

Using ebooks for instruction

Ebook simultaneous user limits

If you plan to use an ebook for instruction, keep in mind that some of the library's ebooks have simultaneous user limits. If multiple students try to access a book at the same time, or if they try to access a book another user has downloaded or checked out, they will be turned away. It is helpful to confirm an ebook's user limit before you assign it to a class and possibly work with the library to ensure your students have the best experience accessing the ebook. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Search for the ebook on the Library Website and check for the access model. The access model can be found under the link to full text (see screenshot below). If the access model is unlimited users (UA) or open access (OA), your entire class will be able to access the ebook at any time. If the only available access model is 1 user, 3 user, or another limited user model, you may need to take some additional steps to ensure all students can access the required text.  

Library website ebook with access model highlighted


2. If the access model is 1 user, 3 user, or another limited user model, or if you happen to find an ebook with no access model listed, please contact

For ebooks from Ebook Central or EBSCOhost, library support can turn off the ability for students to download or check out the book in advance. Then, the book will be read-only, and students can take turns reading the book online. If the book is checked out by one user, the book will be unavailable to other students for up to two weeks, so taking this proactive step can help avoid turnaways. 

For books from other vendors, library support can direct you to the appropriate liaison librarian who can discuss purchasing options with you. It may be possible to purchase additional copies or an unlimited copy to avoid turnaways. 


Sharing ebooks with your class

If you plan to share an ebook with your class or link to it from a course management system, the best way to do this is to use the permalink. Using the permalink will ensure users are accessing the book securely and through the most up-to-date links available, and it will help avoid broken links and the need to update the url in the future. To learn how to create a permalink, please visit the following Library Guide on Sharing Links to Library Resources. If you need assistance linking to a library ebook, please contact

Owned versus subscribed ebooks

Ebooks available through the library can either be owned by the library or accessible via a library subscription. Owned ebooks will be permanently available to library users; however, subscribed titles can be added or removed from packages at the will of the publisher or vendor. Most vendors attempt to only remove books in between semesters, but on rare occasions, access to a book can be lost mid-semester or at any point. If you are concerned about losing access to your assigned ebook, please please contact We can help you verify if the book you have chosen is owned or subscribed and help you find alternatives or purchase an owned copy if possible.