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Historical Methods- Prof. Manning

Key Primary Source Resources at Rowan

What is a Primary Source?

A Primary Source is a item produced from the time you are researching.  It can be a photograph, a letter, government documents, and much more.  Looking at actual sources from a specific time helps to get the firsthand account of what was happening when it was happening.

Primary Source Databases

General Primary Sources:

American History Primary Sources

World, Government, and Law Primary Sources

Other places to find primary sources

Use these websites to find other primary sources:

Primary Sources for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Newspaper Databases

Newspapers can be a great place to find primary sources, use one of the library's databases to search:

Advanced Google Searching

You can use Google!  One of the best ways to do that is by using the Advanced Search option.  This helps you choose specific websites or domains ( to find information better suited to your needs and look for primary source documentation.