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Subject Guide for history

Steps for locating a specific source

  1. Identify where the source was published (e.g., book, book chapter, journal article, newspaper). This will help you determine where to look for the source.
  2. Sometimes you may find the source by simply searching for the title in Library Search or through a search engine like Google. Look carefully at things like the title, author, publication source, and publication year to ensure you have the right source. 
  3. Often when looking for a specific journal article or book chapter, you need first to locate the publication source (for example, the journal or the book in which the source appears). Examine the information you have about the source. Can you tell where it was published?
  4. When looking for the publication in which a source appears, consider what research tools will help you find the source.
  5. If the library doesn't have it, request it through Interlibrary Loan.