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Music Industry

A guide to various tools and resources for studying the music industry

How to Cite Business Databases

Need to cite a business database for your bibliography?  Use the link below for tips on citing business databases in APA 7th (choose database name there by scrolling to get the APA citation example for each library database). 

If you encounter databases which have features to auto-generate citations to get you started, be sure to check them against the APA examples given, so that you submit the most polished bibliography possible to your professors.

Let the librarian know if you need APA styles for anything not listed. For example, to cite something you find in the library database called PolicyMap, you may need to give credit to the original source of the data like this:

General APA Format:

Data source(s). (Date Last Updated in PolicyMap). Title of map layer or table [Map of a location or zip code you chose]. PolicyMap.


U.S. Census American Community Survey & PolicyMap. (2018). Predominant racial or ethnic group between 201872021 [Map of Albany, NY]. PolicyMap.

Need more help on paper format, constructing an argument with sources to support it, or just a place to collect all of your citations and put them in alphabetical order? Check out even more suggestions, tools, and resources from the Rowan University Libraries.