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Sophomore Engineering Clinic

Course guide for students in Sophomore Engineering Clinic doing an annotated bibliography.

Writing Help

This page directs you to resources to help you with writing research papers as a student at Rowan University.

Tutorial on Citing Sources

If you are completely new to citation practices, you'll want to view this online learning module.


If you are familiar with how to cite sources but need a better way to manage them, try a reference manager app.

RefWorks is an application licensed by Rowan University Libraries to help you manage your literature search process. Unlike free reference managers, RefWorks offers the IEEE citation format used in engineering.

You'll need to create a personal account in order to have storage space for your citations.

Citing Your Sources

For more detailed help on citing sources for a research paper, go to the Citing your Sources research guide.

The Writing Center

If you need help with the writing process itself, the Rowan University Writing Center located on the first floor of Campbell Library is a great resource. Go to the website below to make an appointment.