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Sophomore Engineering Clinic

Course guide for students in Sophomore Engineering Clinic doing an annotated bibliography.

Find Articles for Sophomore Engineering Clinic

The best way to find engineering research articles for an annotated bibliography is to use library databases that contain engineering journals and conference papers.

Recommended Article Databases for Engineering

Listed below are the library databases most often used to locate published research in engineering by research topic. They can be found through the Database Finder on the Campbell Library home page (

Each database has its own search engine which can be used to generate a list of articles and papers on a topic. In most cases the full text of the article will be available online.

Tutorial: Getting Full Text

Interlibrary Loan

Journal articles to which we do not have full text access may be requested through our online Interlibrary Loan request system, Illiad. Articles are usually sent to your email address within a few days.