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ORCID @ Rowan

This guide explains how and why to create and populate an ORCID record as researchers at Rowan University.

What is the timeline for the RDW Research Profiles platform to go away?

Our subscription ends June 2024 and the product end-of-life is December 2024.  We recommend that you start making the transition to ORCID this calendar year. We held two ORCID workshops in April and will be holding another on September 19.

Why should I use ORCiD for my scholarly record?

  1. The ORCiD has become a standard that is used by many funders and publishers, and is being required by them with increasing frequency. 

  2. ORCID is one of the few profile systems that can automatically import your existing publications from various data sources.

  3. ORCID is a non-profit open system that you can use throughout your career and even outside of Rowan University.

Where do I go to register my ORCiD with Rowan University?

What if I don’t already have an ORCiD?

You'll be redirected to the ORCID site to create one. 

You can use your Rowan credentials, you don't need to create a password.

What are the advantages of linking my ORCiD to my Rowan employment?

  1. It provides automatic verification to ORCID that you are a current employee, and lets you use Rowan credentials to sign into ORCID.

  2. You can easily highlight your scholarly record using a simple URL that can be shared on your personal website, CV, tenure or promotion application, or email signature.

How do I quickly populate my ORCID record with a list of my publications?

You can quickly add publications individually by DOI or PubMed ID.

If you have a long list of publications, we suggest using one of the "search and link wizards" available in ORCID. Visit the page of this guide labelled Populating your publication list in ORCID for details.