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ORCID @ Rowan

This guide explains how and why to create and populate an ORCID record as researchers at Rowan University.


ORCID integrates with PIVOT Funding Opportunities, which is available in the University Libraries' Database Finder (and above).

Pivot allows users to search available funding opportunities in their fields and get a list of results from a range of sources such as public or private organizations.

Research with NJ

Rowan's research with NJ landing page helps businesses and entrepreneurs identify and collaborate with NJ's top universities and experts. This database is not comprehensive and only features experts in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as well as their professional backgrounds, publications, and achievements. It is a partnership between five participating NJ universities: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Rutgers University, Rowan University and Montclair State University. is sponsored by the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology. It is important to note, only a select number of STEM faculty are featured on this web page currently.


scopus affiliation homepage

Scopus has powerful affiliation and author searching tools making it quick to find Rowan-authored research.

In February 2023 Scopus launched an additional tool called the Researcher Discovery Pilot.

"The Researcher Discovery pilot allows you to conduct a keyword search to quickly find researchers contributing to a specific field. The keywords are matched against title, abstract, and journal name of articles by the 16m+ authors in the Scopus database.

Using the Researcher Discovery pilot, you can easily and quickly find researchers and their current focus, total experience and time in research, details about their institution, recent published documents, topics, and contact information. This enables you to identify relevant author profiles to make connections, identify potential collaborators, pinpoint authors to approach for mentorship or advice, and to target individuals for network building."

More information from Scopus's FAQ on this new tool is available on the following webpage: 

Web of Science

web of science rowan affiliation search

Similar to Scopus, Web of Science also provides affiliation and author searching tools making it quick to find Rowan-authored research.