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ORCID @ Rowan

This guide explains how and why to create and populate an ORCID record as researchers at Rowan University.

How can I set up access to ORCID for a proxy since I don’t have time to do this myself? 

You can add a Trusted Individual to your account.

Trusted Individuals

You can grant permission to one or more trusted individuals to update your ORCID record, acting as a delegate or proxy for managing your account. Other ORCID users can grant permission for you to update their records. A trusted individual does not need to be another researcher, but they must have an ORCID account.

Trusted individuals have access to your ORCID record, and will be able to edit any information on it and make connections with external systems. For security reasons, a trusted individual may not edit anything that requires you to enter your ORCID password, including: adding email addresses, resetting your password, and deleting your account (which requires access to your email).

Once logged into your ORCID account, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and open the drop-down menu to access your Trusted Parties Settings:


Scroll down to the Trusted Individuals section.  You can search for other ORCID users by their ORCID iD, email, or name. Once you have found the record of the person who you want to add as a Trusted Individual, click the Add button next to the person's ORCID iD.

If you wish to remove someone as a Trusted Individual from your account, you can do so by clicking Revoke Access next to the Access granted date. (admins don’t have to be at the same organization)