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Canvas and Library Guides

Integrating Library Guides with Canvas using the LTI tool

Start here

1. Before you can embed Library Guide content in your course shell, you must request the Canvas LTI tool from IRT. 

2. After deciding what library content you want to put in your course, determine whether you want to create a Canvas Module specifically for the library content, or embed the library content in an existing Canvas object. Or do both!

Step 1: Send an email to Rowan IRT (Information Resources & Technology)

REQUIRED: Request that the Library Guides LTI Tool be activated in your courses by IRT. 

Send an email to IRT ( with the following information:

 Subject : "Library Guides LTI Tool for Canvas"

 Email text: "Please activate the Library Guides LTI Tool for Canvas for the following courses:"

Then list your courses using URLs like this: 


When IRT notifies you the tool is activated for your courses, go on to Step 2.

Important: the activation is only for the current semester.

Step 2: Talk to your librarian!

Contact the Subject Librarian for your department to discuss what library content is available to embed in your course.

Based on that conversation, decide whether to create a Library Module or integrate library content into an existing object in your course.

  • To learn how to create a new library Module in your Canvas shell, go to the Create a Library Module page of this guide.
  • To learn how to embed library content in existing Canvas objects (Assignments, Discussions, etc.) using the Plug tool, go to the Embed Library Content with the Plug tool page of this guide.