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Canvas and Library Guides

Integrating Library Guides with Canvas using the LTI tool

How to create a Library Module

This page describes how to create a standalone Library Module in Canvas.

Create a new Module and add an Item

1. In your Canvas course, create a new module by selecting the blue +Module button. Give it a name.

2. Choose the "+" icon to indicate you want to Add an Item. 

Add External Tool "Library Guides"

1. From the drop-down menu, select "Add External Tool"

2. Select "Library Guides", then "Add Item"



Select the library guide content to use

Next, a drop-down menu provides several options for you to select from.

1. There are two Library Guides collections on the list. Choose "Research Guides" for guides created by librarians at the Glassboro campus or "Rowan Medical Libraries Guides" for guides created by librarians at the medical schools. 

2. Under "Content Type" you choose what library content to embed. You can embed an entire library guide, a single page from a guide, or a single box from a guide. Or, you can embed the entire databases list, or the databases for a specific subject.

3. Depending on what option you pick for Content Type, different options will be available for the remaining selections.

Link Resource External Tool



4. Finally, select the Embed Content button to add the item to your module. Don't forget to Publish your new module!

Example of Library Module (Student view)


Student view of tutorial in library module