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Canvas and Library Guides

Integrating Library Guides with Canvas using the LTI tool

How to embed content with the Plug tool

This page describes how to embed library content directly in a Canvas object using the Plug tool. 

Decide where to put the content

1. In this example, I embedded a list of subject databases in a Page.

2. Use the Plug Tool in the content editor toolbar to embed content.

3. On the Plug menu, choose View All, then select Library Guides from the list of available apps to plug in.

Content editor Plug tool


Choose the content to embed

1. There are two Library Guides collections on the list. Choose "Research Guides" for guides created by librarians at the Glassboro campus or "Rowan Medical Libraries Guides" for guides created by librarians at the medical schools. 

2. Next, select the Content Type to embed: an entire library guide, a page from a guide, a box from a guide, the entire Database list, or Databases for a Specific Subject.

Depending on what option you pick for Content Type, different options will be available for the remaining selections. The options are the same as when you create Modules - library guides or database lists.

3. In this example I chose Databases for Specific Subject, so the only remaining choice was the Subject, as shown below.

Selection lists


4. Select the Embed Content button, then select Publish and Save

Example of library content in Page (Instructor view)


Canvas Page with Geology Databases