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Modern Languages and Linguistics

The LC Classification System

In the Library of Congress Classification System, the world of knowledge is organized into 21 broad categories represented by one or a pair of letters of the alphabet.

A succinct example is the organization of knowledge in the sciences is represented by the Letter P.  All Language and literature classes include the letter P. All specializations are paired letters, beginning with the letter P.  

The single letter P represents Philology and Linguistics.  PA=Greek and Latin language and literature; PC=Romantic Languages;  PR=English Literature; PS=American Literature. See the list to the right for a complete explanation of the letter P class.

LC Classification for Linguistics

P1 - P1091       Philology and Linguistics

P1-85                      General

P87-96                    Communication. Mass media

P94.7                       Interpersonal communication

P95-95.6                 Oral communication. Speech

P98-98.5                 Computational linguistics. Natural language processing

P99-99.4                 Semiotics

P99.5-99.6              Nonverbal communication

P101-410                Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar

P118-118.7             Language acquisition

P121-149                Science of language

P201-299                Comparative grammar

P215-240                Phonetics and Phonology

P241-290                Morphology

P291-298                Syntax

P299                       Other

P301-301.5             Style. Composition. Rhetoric

P302-302.87           Discourse analysis

P304-305                Vocabulary

P306-310                Translating and interpreting

P321-324.5             Etymology

P325-325.5             Semantics

P326-326.5              Lexicology

P327-327.5              Lexicography

P331-365.5             Comparative lexicography

P367                       Dialectology

P368                       Standard language

P501-769                Indo-European (Indo-Germanic) philology 

P901-1091              Extinct ancient and medieval languages

Click this link for a Complete list of the LC Classification