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Mendeley is reference manager that helps organize your research and expedites bibliography creation. Mendeley offers free accounts and taps into the Elsevier network of researchers to help find collaborators and related citations.

Videos on using Mendeley (23 minute series, 7 videos)

I. The Getting Started with Mendeley video (5:37) will cover the following: 

  • Installing Mendeley desktop
  • Drag and drop papers 
  • Adding articles from folder or entering assets manually
  • Literature searching for related articles on the Mendeley network
  • Using Web importer
  • Searching full-text and adding tags
  • Annotating papers
  • Using the social network to find collaborators
  • Searching public groups to find topics of interest

II. Importing documents into your Mendeley library (2:04)

  • This video will outline all the different methods for adding records to your Mendeley account. 

III. Organizing your Mendeley library (3:09)

  • This video offers an overview on organizing your Mendeley account including annotations and highlights.
  • Filter citations by different search criteria. 

IV. Search features in Mendeley Desktop or Mendeley Web (3:23)

  • This video is outline the different full-text search methods in Mendeley
  • Learn tag and abstract searching using colons
  • Search library on web version of Mendeley

V. Generating Citations with MS Word Plug-In (2:10)

  • Learn how to install MS Word Plug-in and generate citations and bibliographies in Word 

VI. Create and Use Groups (2:56)

  • This video will outline who to create groups in Mendeley for working collaboratively

VII. Creating a Mendeley researcher profile and benefits (1:46)

  • This video outlines the benefits in creating a Mendeley profile