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Music Education

A guide to various tools and resources for studying music education

Why Books?

In-depth and introductory material may be found in online and print books on a variety of topics. Books take much longer to write (and read) and are designed for long-form explanations of fields and larger issues. Use Library Search or the box below to find print and electronic books in Rowan's collection.

Books are organized in our libraries using the Library of Congress Classification System. The classification system uses call numbers to place items on a physical shelf, and items are also given multiple subject headings, a controlled language that describes the contents of items. Subject headings are used for searching in catalogs and databases, while call numbers are useful for finding materials and browsing physical shelves.

Library Search

New Music Education Books 2020-2021

Subject Headings in Music Education

Subject headings are descriptions of the content of library materials using precise language. You can click on them in a relevant catalog record or search for them in advanced searches

Following is a list of Subject Headings useful for finding materials on Music Education and related topics in Library Search, EZBorrow, and Worldcat:

  • Arts -- Study and teaching -- Standards -- United States
  • Children's songs
  • Methods (Music)
  • Multiple intelligences and Music
  • Music and technology
  • Music in education -- History
  • Music appreciation
  • Music education
  • Music -- Instruction and study -- Juvenile
  • Music -- Instruction and study -- Standards -- United States
  • Music -- Instruction and study -- United States -- History
  • Music -- Philosophy and aesthetics
  • Music teachers
  • School music -- Instruction and study
  • School music -- public relations
  • Singing schools
  • Musical recreations
  • Musical meter and rhythm
  • Music -- Interpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc.)

Browse the Stacks

You can also find books on music education under these call numbers in the fourth floor of the general collection:

MT1 -- Theory of musical instruction

MT3-5 -- History of instruction & study

MT9-15 -- Printed pedagogical aids

MT17 -- Music in special education 

MT20-34 -- Systems & methods

MT85 -- Conducting - score reading &playing  

MT88 -- Administration & instruction of vocal groups  

MT150 -- Audio visual aids

MT155 -- Music theory for children

MT170-810 -- Instrumental techniques

MT740-810 -- Instrumental techniques for children

MT820-915 -- Singing & vocal technique

MT898-915 -- Vocal techniques for children

MT918-948 -- School music

MT920-925 -- Kindergarten

MT930-948 -- Elementary, junior & senior high schools


Finding Books and Media in Other Libraries