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Music Education

A guide to various tools and resources for studying music education

Finding Scores

There are many scores in the Performing Arts Collection (PAC) at Rowan University that may be useful in preparing music plans. However, they can be hard to search for in the collection. If you are looking for large ensemble music, check out the guides for band and orchestra.  Some call number ranges that may be useful include:

M1375-1420---Instrumental music for children 

M1495---Collections of vocal music

M1627-1853---Folk, national and ethnic music

M1900-1985----Songs of specific groups or on specific topics

M1990-1998---Secular vocal music for children

M2190-2196---Sacred vocal music for children 

MT170-810---Instrumental techniques

MT820-915---Singing and vocal technique 

MT918-948---School music

MT950---Music to accompany instruction in ballet, folk dancing, gymnastics, etc.


You can search for scores in Library Search, or the search bar below:

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