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Radio, Television, Film

This guide contains links to information and resources on various aspects of radio, television, and film.

Finding Books on Radio, Television, and Film

In-depth and introductory material may be found in online and print books on a variety of topics. Books take much longer to write (and read) and are designed for in-depth explanations of entire fields and larger issues. Use Library Search or the box below to find print and electronic books in Rowan's collection.

Library Search

Subject headings are descriptions of the content of library materials using precise language. You can click on them in a relevant catalog record or search for them in advanced searches. Note that for film, the term that is usually used is "motion picture," although certain genres use the term "film," like "comedy films."

Following is a list of examples of Subject Headings that might be useful for finding materials on theatre and related topics in Library SearchEZBorrow, and Worldcat:


  • African Americans in motion pictures
  • Animated films history and criticism
  • Animators
  • Chaplin, Charlie, 1889-1977
  • Cinematographers
  • Cinematography history
  • Color motion pictures
  • Comedy films history and criticism
  • Gangster films
  • Film adaptations
  • Film criticism
  • Film critics
  • Film genres
  • Film festivals
  • Film noir
  • Motion picture actors and actresses
  • Motion picture audiences
  • Motion picture authorship history
  • Motion picture industry United States
  • Motion picture studios California Los Angeles history
  • Motion picture theaters
  • Motion pictures censorship
  • Motion pictures in propaganda
  • Motion pictures social aspects United States
  • Motion pictures United States history
  • Screen Actors Guild history
  • Silent Films history and criticism
  • Sound motion pictures
  • Television broadcasting
  • United Artists Corporation
  • Vaudeville United States
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Walt Disney Productions
  • Warner Bros.
  • Women in the motion picture industry
  • World war, 1914-1918 motion pictures

Campbell Library uses the Library of Congress classification system to organize its books, using call numbers to place items on a physical shelf.

You can find books on radio, television, and film under these call numbers on the fourth floor of Campbell Library:

PN 1990 - PN 1992.92 -- Broadcasting

PN 1991 - PN 1991.9 -- Radio broadcasts

PN 1992 - PN 1992.92 -- Television broadcasts

PN 1992.93 - PN 19 92.95 -- Nonbroadcast video recordings

PN 1993 -- motion pictures in general, by country

PN 1994 -- film theory

PN 1995 -- specific themes, topics or genres

PN 1996 -- screenwriting

PN 1997 -- screenplays

PN 1998 -- biographies of and works about directors, producers,etc.

PN 2061 - PN 2071 -- Art of acting

TK 5101 - TK 6720 -- Telecommunication Including telegraphy, telephone, radio, radar, television
TR 1 - TR 1050 -- Photography
TR 250 - TR 265 -- Cameras
TR 590 - TR 620 -- Lighting
TR 845 - TR 899 -- Cinematography. Motion pictures
TR 925 - TR 1050 -- Photomechanical processes


You can find books on related topics under these call numbers in the Performing Arts Collection on the second floor of Campbell Library:

PN 1560 - PN 1590 -- The performing arts. Show business

PN 1600 - PN 3307 -- Drama

PN 1635 - PN 1650 -- Relation to, and treatment of, special subjects

PN 1660 - PN 1693 -- Technique of dramatic composition (includes playwriting)‚Äč

Reference Sources for Radio, Television, and Film

Finding Books and Media in Other Libraries

Rowan University Library Services can locate and obtain books/media not in our own collection.  Items from other libraries can be obtained in a matter of a few days in most cases.