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Technology at Campbell Library: Welcome

A user guide to computing, printing, scanning, and related technology services in Campbell Library.


Guide Introduction

This guide will show you how to use the computers, printers, scanners, and other technology at Campbell Library.

Please forward all technology issues in the Campbell Library to; including contact information, description of the issue, type of device, and location.

Guide Table of Contents

Computers  - Reference this link for computer locations, applications, and login troubleshooting.

Printers - Reference this link for printer location and information on how to print.

Scanners - Reference this link for scanner locations and information on scanning.

Classrooms - Reference this link for technology support in the Campbell Library's classrooms

Devices for Loan at Campbell Library

The following equipment is available for loan at the 1st-floor Information Desk. Each piece of equipment has specific loaning periods and most of the equipment cannot be removed from the Campbell Library. In addition, the borrower is responsible for the cost of lost or damaged items. Only one of each item can be checked out at a time.

Device       Loan Period                  Must Stay in Library       
Graphing Calculator, TI-83 plus 4 hours Yes
Portable BlueRay DVD Player, 10" Screen 4 hours Yes
BlueRay DVD Player 3 days
DVD Player w/ 10" screen 4 hours Yes
Projectors 3 days
Portable Projector (Mini) 3 days
Projector Screen 3 days
Mac charger 4 hours Yes
Ethernet Cable 4 hours Yes
Mac Thunderbolt Adapter 3 days
Document Camera/Viewer 3 days
VGA Cable 3 days
Video Camera 3 days
Tripod 3 days

Campbell Library

Campbell Library (front)

Rowan University Technology Support:

General Technology Support -

IT Support for Open Labs and Classrooms -

Open Lab Printing Support -

Campbell Library non-technology issues  -


Please note the there are two IT Request Kiosks located on the first and second floors of the building for quickly reporting issues. Please check your email for a response from a support rep.



Please reference the information below for computer locations, applications, and login troubleshooting. For more information on Rowan University's technology policies, please visit

Please forward all technology issues in the Campbell Library to



Room #

Number of Machines



PC: 30

Temporarily Closed Fall 2020


PC: 6

Campbell Library Hours


PC: 6

Campbell Library Hours


PC: 4

Campbell Library Hours

Digital Scholarship Center (Room 345)

PC: 10

Mac: 10

Temporarily Closed Fall 2020



Logging In

All lab computers require a Rowan account when logging in. Please visit for more information on accessing or resetting Rowan accounts.

Applications Available

This is the list of PC applications that are currently available at the Campbell Library. 

All campus computers have access to Citrix Receiver, Rowan's cloud solution. For more details on this and the list of programs available via Citrix, visit​

Please see Digital Scholarship Center for more information pertaining to the DSC's software/hardware.

Looking for a program not listed? Visit​ for a full list of programs available in teaching labs across campus. 


Adobe AIR 21

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable

Symantec Network Access Control 12.1

Adobe Flash Player 22

Microsoft Office 2013 Access

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable

VLC Media Player 2.2

Adobe Reader XI

Microsoft Office 2013 Excel

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable

Windows 7 Enterprise

Bomgar Button 14

Microsoft Office 2013 InfoPath

Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable

Windows Live Movie Maker 16

Citrix ICA Client 14.3

Microsoft Office 2013 OneNote

Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable

Windows Live Photo Gallery 16

Citrix Receiver 4

Microsoft Office 2013 Outlook

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable

Windows Live Writer 16

Google Chrome 51

Microsoft Office 2013 PowerPoint

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Windows Media Player 12

Java 2 Runtime Environment 6

Microsoft Office 2013 Publisher

Pharos Popup 9

Windows PowerShell 4

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Microsoft Office 2013 Word

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Visio Viewer 2013

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1




Please reference the information below for printing in the Campbell Library. For more information on Rowan University's technology policies, please visit

Please forward all technology issues in the Campbell Library to

Printer Locations

  • First floor 
  • Room #240
  • Room #240 ​​


For other kiosk locations and information visit


For detailed, color, and/or large scale printing, visit Rowan University's Duplicating Center located in Memorial Hall:

Printing Issues?

Document DIDN'T print (comes out blank, paper jams, etc.)?

  • users can send an email to within 30 minutes.

  • Subject line: Lab Reprint

  • Body if the message should include:

    • Username

    • Time you clicked “print”

    • Name and type of job (DOC, PDF, etc.)

    • Building/room where you tried to print


IT Support staff will process your email message right away and resend your job to the printer.

How To Print

  • Computers in Library:

  • Personal Devices:  is a web solution that can be accessed on any device with a browser (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.)

    • Enter your Rowan Network credentials and upload your jobs! They will now show up on any of the kiosk attached printers on Main Campus and stay in the queue for 48 hours.

    • *Note: Any document types that are not supported by Mobileprint should be converted to.PDF previous to upload.

    • If you would like to print multiple slides per page, Open the file in PowerPoint and choose "Save As" and save as a PDF. Under that menu you can now hit "options" and it will allow you to save the file with multiple slides per page(choose "Handouts" under the publishing menu). Then you can upload the PDF to the MobilePrint system.

    • Tip: With Mobileprint, you can upload all of your documents from any internet access location (on or off campus) before you get to a computer lab. The jobs will stay in a personal queue for 48 hours. You can skip the step of logging into a computer on campus, and go straight to any printing kiosk swipe system to release your print jobs (Rowan ID is required). Also, if you forget to print before you get to a computer lab; you can still use a personal device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) to upload your jobs to the queue. This saves time for users who only need to print and keeps open lab computers available for other needs. 


*Printing is charged per page and requires a Rowan ID card for swipe access to the printing kiosks. For more information about printing please go to*


*Apple iOS does not support printing directly from their mobile web browser.



Please reference the information below for scanning in the Campbell Library. For more information on Rowan University's technology policies, please visit

Please forward all technology issues in the Campbell Library to


Room #


1st Floor: Circulation Desk -

Offline Fall 2020

HP Copier/Scanner

2nd Floor: 240

Scannx Scanner

2nd Floor: 240

Scannx Scanner

2nd Floor: Performing Arts Center Scannx Scanner

3rd Floor: Atrium (near the elevator)

Scannx Scanner

Scanning Information

  • Multiple file formats are available for saving scanned items

  • Export options include USB, Google Drive, or email

  • Scannx scanning does not require a Rowan ID card but will require credentials to export through email

  • HP Copier has document printing disabled but allows for copying and scanning functions. 


Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC)

There are six classrooms in the Campbell Library that are technology enhanced classrooms (TEC); see locations below. The TEC's have lecture podium computers, ceiling mounted projectors, and surround sound speakers (525 is a conference style room with a flat-screen TV). Accessories in these rooms include podium mounted projector pixie remotes, mounted projector screens, and laptop connection plates (supports personal laptops). For personal laptops; Audio (3.5mm), Video (VGA), and Ethernet cables are located inside the podium drawer. HDMI is supported but cables are not supplied. 

For more information on Rowan University TEC's, go to

Technology Enhanced Classroom Locations


Projector or TV

126 Projector w/ Pixie Controller Campbell Room 126
138 - Offline Fall 2020 Projector w/ Pixie Controller Campbell Room 138
226 Projector w/ Pixie Controller Campbell Room 226
401 Projector w/ Pixie Controller Campbell Room 401
403 Projector w/ Pixie Controller Campbell Room 403
578 Projector w/ Pixie Controller Campbell Room 578

Overall TEC Guide



  • If the projector and/or computer monitor is blank:
    • Check that the computer, computer monitor, and projector are all turned on (even if you only wish to use one display; once you fix the issue you can turn off the other).
    • Check that the source is on the correct input via projector pixie controller.
    • Now you should see at least one display. 
    • Lastly, set your windows display options to "Duplicate" to mirror the computer and projector's display (see image below). Extend option will act as two separate displays. 

If the windows shortcut is not working, right click on the desktop and select "Screen Resolution". For personal Mac laptops, the shortcut for duplicate display is Command + F1 (or Alt + Command + F1); alternatively, go to your display options. 

  • For audio, be sure to turn the speakers on via the front of the podium. Please turn off after use. 
  • Rowan username/password are required for logging in to the podium computer. 
  • Please turn off projector immediately after use.