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Performing Arts Collection

A brief description of the Performing Arts Collection



The Performing Arts Collection can be found on the Second Floor of Campbell Library. Here, you will find:

  • all of the music scores (class M, and some in MT), with a separate section of miniature scores (class M) and oversized scores (class M)
  • all of the CDs (class M) and LPs
  • all of the books on dance (class GV)
  • the script library (organized by author's last name)
  • a special reference section of music books, such as encyclopedias, special music dictionaries, catalogs, and introductory research books (PAC Reference)
  • some of the DVDs of performances (class GV and PN)
  • some of the books on music and performance (class ML)
  • some of the books on music education and music theory (class MT)
  • some of the books on theater, but generally NOT plays (class PN)

You can search just the score collection using the search box below:

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You can search for all of the physical items in the library and most of our online resources in the search box below:

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