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Instrument and Voice Guides

This guide is designed to help you find scores and resources in the Performing Arts Collection, Campbell Library, and online for and about your instrument or voice

How to Use this Guide

This research guide contains the Library of Congress classification system for books and scores relevant to each main tab (bassoon, horn, etc.). 

The classification system uses call numbers to place items on a physical shelf, and items are also given multiple subject headings, a controlled language that describes the contents of items. Subject headings are used for searching in catalogs and databases, while call numbers are useful for finding materials and browsing physical shelves

Sub-pages under each tab also offer selected primary and secondary source bibliographies.

If you need more help, please ask the Performing Arts Librarian.

Search the Library Collections

Use Library Search to search for books, scores, recordings, and articles in Rowan University's collections. 

Library Search

Online Sources

Remember that in addition to physical scores in the collection, there are online scores for all instruments on the internet and through library databases.