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Instrument and Voice Guides

This guide is designed to help you find scores and resources in the Performing Arts Collection, Campbell Library, and online for and about your instrument or voice

How to Use this Guide

This research guide helps you search and browse for books and scores for your main instrument (listed on list on the left)

Each page for your individual instrument starts with the Library of Congress classification system for books and scores relevant to each instrument, allowing you to browse the shelves of the library.

  • The classification system uses call numbers to place items on a physical shelf, and items are also given multiple subject headings, a controlled language that describes the contents of items.
  • For printed music, each call number describes a musical genre or performing ensemble, which is then organized alphabetically by the composer's last name. 
  • Subject headings are used for searching in catalogs and databases, while call numbers are useful for finding materials and browsing physical shelves.


The Performing Arts Collection can be found on the Second Floor of Campbell Library.

  • Here, you will find all of the scores, CDs, and most of the reference books (encyclopedias, special music dictionaries, catalogs, and introductory research books), and some of the books on music education and performance.
  • The Performing Arts Collections houses all of the items with call numbers starting with just the letter M, all of the scores and most of the books starting with MT, and some books starting with ML.


The Fourth Floor of Campbell Library contains the majority of our books on music history, music performance, music education, the music industry, and music therapy. These include almost all of the books starting with ML and some books starting with MT. Check with a librarian or a library assistant to see where your resources might be located.


(Sub-pages under each tab also offer selected primary and secondary source bibliographies.)

Call Numbers for Percussion Music

Use these call numbers to browse for music for your instrument!

Percussion Works for one performer:

 M146  Drum(s), including timpani, drum set, side drum, etc., and works for one percussionist playing two or more different percussion instruments.
 M147  Bells, glockenspiel, etc.
 M175.X6  Xylophone, marimba, vibraharp, vibraphone


Collections of percussion works for one performer with piano accompaniment

(collections containing works by more than one composer or a variety of different works by the same composer):

 M284.B4  Bells
 M284.C94  Cymbals
 M284.D8  Drum
 M284.G65  Glockenspiel
 M284.P4  Percussion (one percussionist playing two or more different percussion instruments)
 M284.T5  Timpani
 M284.X9  Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone


Separate percussion works for one performer with piano accompaniment

(one work by one composer):

 M285.B4  Bells
 M285.C94  Cymbals
 M285.D8  Drum
 M285.G65  Glockenspiel
 M285.P4  Percussion
 M285.T5  Timpani
 M285.X9  Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone


Works for all percussionists or percussion and a combination of other instruments:

 M298  Duets
 M340–344  Trios with piano
 M385  Trios without piano
 M445–449  Quartets with piano
 M485  Quartets without piano
 M545–549  Quintets with piano
 M585  Quintets without piano
 M645–649  Sextets with piano
 M685  Sextets without piano
 M745–749  Septets with piano
 M785  Septets without piano
 M845–849  Octets with piano
 M885  Octets without piano
 M945–949  Nonets with piano
 M985  Nonets without piano


Percussion solo with orchestral accompaniment:

 M1038  Percussion with orchestra (full scores)
 M1039  Percussion with orchestra (piano reductions)
 M1039.4.X9  Xylophone with orchestra (piano reductions)
 M1138  Percussion with string orchestra (full scores)
 M1139  Percussion with string orchestra (piano reductions)


Percussion instruction and method books; studies; orchestral excerpts and parts:

 MT655–656  General
 MT660  Timpani
 MT662  Drum, bass, drum, snare, drum, etc., including drum set and instruction for the entire batterie
 MT663  Bongo, conga drums
 MT664  Tabla
 MT719  Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone
 MT722  Implements put to musical use (e.g., kitchen utensils)

Subject Headings for Percussion Music

These subject headings help you search our collections by precise genres and instrument combinations. Use these in advanced searches using subject headings in Library Search to see our holdings or WorldCat to see what is available through other libraries.

Solo percussion music:

suites (marimba)sonatas (timpani)variations (xylophone); rondos (percussion)

snare drum music; vibraphone music, percussion music, etc.


marimba music (4 hands)sonatas (marimba, 4 hands), etc.

Two or more percussionists, each playing one or more instruments:

suites (percussion ensemble), sonatas (percussion ensemble), etc.

percussion ensembles

Percussion and Orchestra: concertos (percussion), concertos (marimba), concertos (vibraphone)

percussion with orchestra

concertos (marimba with string orchestra)

rondos (marimba with orchestra), etc.

Classification Numbers for Books on Percussion

Classification Numbers for Books on Percussion

Reference books:

 ML102.P4  Percussion dictionaries and encyclopedias
 ML128.P23  Percussion bibliographies


Books on percussion history and criticism:

 ML1030  General
 ML1035  Drums including drum set
 ML1036  Timpani
 ML1038  Other percussion instruments alphabetically: arará, atabaque, batá, bodhrán, bonkó, bronze drum, ceṇḍa, dhimay, kotsuzumi, mridanga, nāykhim, pung, rebana, santūr, steel drum, tabla, tupan
 ML1039  Bells, carillons, gongs, chimes, including change ringing, peals, etc.
 ML1048  Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, etc.
 ML1049  All other percussion instruments not mentioned in ML1038

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Selected Websites

Boston Conservatory Percussion Database:

Percussive Arts Society: