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Instrument and Voice Guides

This guide is designed to help you find scores and resources in the Performing Arts Collection, Campbell Library, and online for and about your instrument or voice

How to Use this Guide

This research guide helps you search and browse for books and scores for your main instrument (listed on list on the left)

Each page for your individual instrument starts with the Library of Congress classification system for books and scores relevant to each instrument, allowing you to browse the shelves of the library.

  • The classification system uses call numbers to place items on a physical shelf, and items are also given multiple subject headings, a controlled language that describes the contents of items.
  • For printed music, each call number describes a musical genre or performing ensemble, which is then organized alphabetically by the composer's last name. 
  • Subject headings are used for searching in catalogs and databases, while call numbers are useful for finding materials and browsing physical shelves.


The Performing Arts Collection can be found on the Second Floor of Campbell Library.

  • Here, you will find all of the scores, CDs, and most of the reference books (encyclopedias, special music dictionaries, catalogs, and introductory research books), and some of the books on music education and performance.
  • The Performing Arts Collections houses all of the items with call numbers starting with just the letter M, all of the scores and most of the books starting with MT, and some books starting with ML.


The Fourth Floor of Campbell Library contains the majority of our books on music history, music performance, music education, the music industry, and music therapy. These include almost all of the books starting with ML and some books starting with MT. Check with a librarian or a library assistant to see where your resources might be located.


(Sub-pages under each tab also offer selected primary and secondary source bibliographies.)

Call Numbers for Piano Music

Use these call numbers to browse for music for your instrument!

M20–M39  Piano alone:
     M20      Collections, mixed (original works and arrangements; two or more composers)
     M21      Collections: original works, two or more composers
     M22      Collections: original works, one composer
     M23      Sonatas
     M24      Suites
     M25      Pieces
     M26      Piano, one hand: left
     M26.2      Piano, one hand: right
     M27      Variations
     M28      Marches
     M30      Dances—general
     M31      Dances—duple meter (polka, etc.)
     M32      Dances—triple meter (waltz, etc.)
     M32.8      Arrangements: collections
     M33      Arrangements: complete works for opera, oratorios, and cantatas (NOT piano-vocal scores)
     M33.5      Arrangements: excerpts from opera, oratorio, and cantatas
     M34      Arrangements: transcriptions (for concert purpose) of operas, oratorios, cantatas, and excerpts
     M35      Arrangements: orchestral and band music
     M37      Arrangements: concertos (NOT piano reductions of concertos for solo instrument[s] and orchestra)
     M37.5      Arrangements: concertos, excerpts
     M38      Arrangements: chamber music, part songs, music for other solo instruments
     M39      Arrangements: potpourris, medleys
     M39.6      Arrangements: piano, one hand
 M198–M216  Duets (piano only)
     M198      Three hands
     M200      Four hands: mixed collections (original works and arrangements)
     M201       Four hands: original works, collections
     M20      Four hands: Sonatas
     M203      Four hands: Suites, Variations
     M204      Four hands: Pieces
     M207      Arrangements: collections by two or more composers
     M208      Arrangements: operas, ballets, oratorios, cantatas (complete)
     M208.5      Arrangements: operas, ballets, oratorios, cantatas (excerpts)
     M209      Arrangements: orchestral and band music
     M210      Arrangements: concertos (NOT two-piano versions of concertos for solo instrument[s] and orchestra)
     M211      Arrangements: chamber music, songs, and part songs
     M213      Piano, five or more hands
     M214      Two pianos, two performers: original works
     M215      Two pianos, two performers: arrangements
     M216      Two or more pianos, three or more performers
 M217–M285  Duets (piano and other solo instruments)
 M217–M239  Piano and one stringed instrument
 M240–M271  Piano and one wind instrument
 M272–M283  Piano and one plucked instrument
 M284–M285  Piano and other (includes percussion and electronics)
 M310–M344  Trios (Piano and two other instruments)
 M310–M314  Piano and two stringed instruments
 M315–M319  Piano and two wind instruments
 M320–M324  Piano, one stringed, and one wind instrument
 M325–M329  Piano and two plucked instruments
 M330–M334  Piano, one string, and one plucked instrument
 M335–M339  Piano, one wind, and one plucked instrument
 M340–M344  Piano and other combinations


Quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets follow similar patterns (in the M400s, 500s, 600s, 700s, 800s, and 900s, respectively).For more details, see the full classification schedule.

Concertos and similar pieces:

 M1010 Piano with orchestra, full scores 
 M1010.5  Cadenzas for such works
 M1011  Piano with orchestra (two-piano versions)
 M1110  Piano with string orchestra, full scores
 M1110.5  Cadenzas for such works
 M1111  Piano with string orchestra (two-piano versions)


Studies and methods:

 MT220  General works
 MT221  Physiology of the hand (including hand exercises)
 MT222  Systems and methods
 MT224  Rudiments of music when combined with piano instruction
 MT225–M239  Studies and exercises
 MT225  General works
 MT226  Left hand
 MT227  Pedal
 MT228  Touch
 MT229  Wrist
 MT230  Thirds, sixths, etc.
 MT231  Scales and arpeggios
 MT232  Fingering
 MT233  Rhythm
 MT235  Phrasing
 MT236  Sight reading, transposition, accompaniment, etc.
 MT238  Polyphonic playing
 MT239  Performance of popular music
 MT240  Other
 MT242  Four-hand, two-piano, etc. playing
 MT243  Teaching pieces
 MT245  Instructive editions, two or more composers
 MT247  Instructive editions, one composer
 MT248  Self-instructors
 MT250–M258  Special pianos, including early instruments

Subject Headings for Piano Music

These subject headings help you search our collections by precise genres and instrument combinations. Use these in advanced searches using subject headings in Library Search to see our holdings or WorldCat to see what is available through other libraries.

Solo piano music: piano musicsonatas (piano)suites (piano)variations (piano); etc.

piano music (3 hands),piano music (4 hands)piano music (5 hands), etc.

piano music (pianos (2))

Trios: piano trios
Quartets: piano quartets

Similar for quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets.

Piano and Orchestra: concertos (piano)

piano with orchestra

concertos (piano with string orchestra)

rondos (piano with orchestra), etc.

Search Music Scores

Selected Bibliography

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Call Numbers for Books about the Piano

Ref. ML128 .P3  Piano bibliographies
 ML650  General works
 ML651–697  Construction: general works; by time period; by region or country; special makes; parts of the piano
 ML700–747  Music and playing: general works; by time period; by region or country; forms and types of music

Selected Periodicals

Clavier Companion (2009-present)

Keyboard (1996-2017)

Piano Magazine (2019-present)