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Scholarly Communication

This guide contains information about scholarly communication issues and challenges, including open access, author rights, copyright and institutional repositories

Open Access Publishers

"Open Humanities" & Related Terms

"Open scholarship" is essentially scholarship that is based on the principle of making research and scholarly work accessible to all. Conversations about open the "open humanities" often intersect with those about the digital humanities (the intersection of digital technologies and the humanities) and the public humanities (which seeks to reach the general public and to connect current civic life with the humanities). Though each of these terms has a somewhat different focus, each of them shares the principle of sharing knowledge and scholarship and making it more accessible to all, often or usually through the use of digital tools and infrastructure.

Why Open Humanities?

Video: Open Library of Humanities

Team members and stakeholders of the Open Library of Humanities discuss the importance of open access in the humanities.  

For an introduction to the open humanities and how it differs from open science, see this short article "Open Humanities: Why Open Science in the Humanities Is Not Enough" (Marcel Knöchelmann).

Open Knowledge & Digital Scholarship in the Humanties

Video: Open Knowledge? A Conversation with Prof. Kathleen Fitzpatrick (GYF Blog) 
(Original video title is in German, but interview is in English)

Digital humanities scholar and advocate Kathleen Fitzpatrick discusses the value of open scholarship and publishing in the humanities. 

Open Humanities Networks & Resources