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Scholarly Communication

This guide contains information about scholarly communication issues and challenges, including open access, author rights, copyright and institutional repositories

What is Scholarly Communication?

The Association of Colleges and Research Libraries (ACRL) defines Scholarly Communication as “the system through which research and other scholarly writings are created, evaluated for quality, disseminated to the scholarly community, and preserved for future use.”

Technology allows us to conduct research and publish in ways that were not possible before. Libraries have taken on the role of facilitating alternate means of disseminating scholarly works and providing faculty and researchers the option to permanently archive such works in institutional repositories.

This guide is a resource to raise awareness of author rights, copyright issues, institutional repositories and considerations for open access publishing and archiving of scholarly works in this new era of digital publishing.

ACRL Principles and Strategies for the Reform of Scholarly Communication:


Important note: this guide was created by Shilpa Rele who is no longer with Rowan University Libraries. Please feel free to contact the current guide owner for help.