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Africana Studies

Research materials for Africana Studies (including African American Studies)

Africana Studies: Welcome

This guide includes subject-focused and interdisciplinary resources for Africana Studies. Depending on your research area, you may also find additional Research Guides helpful (e.g., HistoryPolitical Science). Librarian Andrea Baer is also available for research and instruction help, whether via email, phone, or web conference.

Databases & Articles

Large Interdisciplinary Databases

Humanities & Social Sciences Databases

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Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to search for the more scholarly materials that Google has found on the Internet.  Add to the power of Google Scholar:  link to Rowan University Libraries' resources.

  1. From the Google Scholar home page, click the button in the top left with three horizontal lines: Google Scholar menu button example
  2. Select Settings.
  3. In the Settings area, click the option in the left navigation that says Library links.
  4. In the search box marked Show library access links for (choose up to five libraries):, search for Rowan University.
  5. An option should appear below the search box that reads "Rowan University - FullText@RowanUniversity" with a check-box next to it. Click the check-box so it is selected.
  6. Click Save in the lower right.

Now when you search in Google Scholar from this browser, your results should link directly to full text of each article, courtesy of Rowan University Libraries.

Google Scholar Search