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Library Search: Help

A guide to using the search tool Library Rowan University Libraries.

Journal Finder

The Journal Finder view is the best way to determine whether the Rowan University Libraries have access to any issues of a particular journal, either online or on the shelf. To use the Journal Finder:

  1. Type in the title of the journal (not the article) you are looking for, and click the magnifying glass.
  2. If the Libraries own any portion of the journal, its title will appear in the search results.
  3. If a green link reading Available Online appears below the journal title, you can access journal issues online. If a link appears below the title that starts with the words Check Holdings and provides a library location, then physical issues are available in that location.
  4. To access an online journal, click the journal title to pull up more information. In the section marked "View Online," there should be a list of links under "Full text availability" that link to locations where the journal is stored online and what years are available there.

There are several pieces of information attached to the View Online options:

  1. The title of the collection that provides online access to this journal. This is a link that you can click to access the journal contents.
  2. Information about what years of the journal are available in that collection. For example, for a journal that lists "Consumer Health Database" with the text "Available from 2003," issues of that journal published in 2003 through the present time will be available if you click the link to Consumer Health Database. Some collections also do not allow access to issues of the journal published in the last year or 18 months. If so, that will also be noted below the title.
  3. The journal may be available from more than one collection, in which case multiple titles will be listed with information. Find a collection that includes the year(s) of the journal that you need, and select it to view available issues of the journal.