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Library Search: Help

A guide to using the search tool Library Rowan University Libraries.

The Library Search Screen

The Library Search screen displays after you enter a search from the library home page. This screen has a number of functions available. From left to right, top to bottom (click to view larger image):

  1. New Search: This is the "Home" button for Library Search. Click this option to return to the main search screen, if you have navigated to a different view.
  2. Journal Finder: Search for a journal to see if Rowan University Libraries have access to it, online or on the shelf.
  3. Browse: Search for an author, title or subject and also see materials that are close to it alphabetically.
  4. Citation Search: Look up a specific article, book, or journal using its citation information.
  5. Newspaper Articles: Search specifically for newspaper articles
  6. Search History (clock icon): View everything you have searched for in this session (or log in to save searches long-term).
  7. Favorites (pushpin icon): View materials or searches you have saved in this session (or log in to save items long-term).
  8. Sign In: Sign in to access your library account features.
  9. Menu: When you are logged in, use these options to control your library account.
  10. Search Options (drop-down menu): Choose specific locations to search.
  11. Advanced Search: Includes advanced options like searching by title or author, searching only for certain types of materials, searching only for materials in certain languages or from certain dates, and more.
  12. Chat with a Librarian: Pull out this tab to open a chat with a librarian (available 9am to 9pm on most weekdays).