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Egyptology: The Study of Ancient Egypt

Resources for the study of ancient Egypt.

Library of Congress Classification for Ancient Egypt

Most academic libraries in North America, including this one, use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System to organize materials.  LC divides all knowledge into 21 classes.  

Works about Archaeology of a science are identified by the class C and sub-class CC.  Works on Ancient Egypt are identified by the class D and the sub-class DT.   Materials are further organized by the number range that follows the subclass letters. 

Click this link to see the Library of Congress Classification by letter and by number ranges.

Below are listed the respective ranges:

BL Religions. Mythology, Rationalism 

  • BL2420 -2460      Egyptian Religion

DT - History of Africa

  • DT43-154        Egypt
  •  DT56.8-69.5    Antiquities
  •  DT63-63.5       Pyramids 

P - Languages and Literature

  • PJ1001-1989    Egyptology
  • PJ1091-1109    Egyptian writing and its decipherment
  • PJ1111-1446     Language
  • PJ1481-1989    Literature. Inscriptions
  • PJ2001-2199    Coptic