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Egyptology: The Study of Ancient Egypt

Resources for the study of ancient Egypt.


Great Sphinx of Giza, Khafre Pyramid, Pyramid of Cheops.

Great Sphinx of Giza, Khafre & Cheops Pyramids
CC BY-SA 3.0  Created: 2009/12/31

Egyptology is a highly specialized scholarly pursuit that draws on the various academic fields of Archæology, History, Near Eastern Studies, and Engineering, among others. It is the study the art, culture, engineering, language, literature, politics, religion, and writing systems. The period to which Ancient Egypt refers begins in the 5th millennium B.C.E. through the end of Roman rule in the fourth century C.E.  The so-called Pharaonic period begins in the 32nd Century through the 4th Century B.C.E.  

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