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Digital Scholarship Center: Canvas: How to Check Grades

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Canvas: How to Check Grades

Being able to check and edit your grades on canvas is essential to college survival. Knowing how to do this properly will help you keep track and monitor your grades.


  1. Open up your Canvas Dashboard 

    Photo of Canvas dashboard

  2. Click on the specific class you want to check your grades. On the left-hand side, there should be a menu. Click on Grades to access your grade book.

    Photo of Canvas' Courses tab open

  3. You can view grades for assignments you completed in the grade book. You can view grades by looking for the specific assignment name then checking the score your professor gave you. 

    Photo of Canvas' grade book

  4. In the grade book, you can test other possible grades you could have gotten on assignments. You can try grades by clicking on the grade you received for the specific assignment, erasing that score, and putting the score you want. Doing this changes your final grade, but it is only a tool; the changes you make are not final.

    Photo of Canvas' grade book

  5. Email your professor immediately with any grading errors.