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Digital Scholarship Center: Internships

Information about the resources in the Digital Scholarship Center

Internship Program

Rowan University Libraries' Digital Scholarship Center Internship 

The Rowan University Libraries' Digital Scholarship Center Internship is a for-credit, competitive program that offers students real-world work experience related to their field. The internship takes the form of experiential learning – learning through experiencing. Internships are designed around a specific real-world project or need and can include working within the Rowan University Libraries' Digital Scholarship Center (DSC) or our collaborative partners. Interns will be assigned various learning outcome tasks and receive training and guidance. Internships are co-supervised by a faculty member in your major and the coordinator of the Digital Scholarship Center. 

The learning outcomes may include the following research and skills-based experiences:

  • Design and develop media related to the project
  • Research and analyze historical material and a variety of resources to write historical descriptions and metadata
  • Utilize mapping technologies, archival content, oral histories, library resources, and personal interviews to develop historical descriptions and metadata
  • Utilize software and research and observational methods to write historical descriptions accurately.
  • Properly handle and catalogue historical materials.
  • Digitize photography, documents, and objects for preservation
  • Utilize historical societies and libraries resources for historical research
  • Manage and input metadata
  • Employ a geographic and public history approach to culture and history
  • Conduct oral histories and create accurate transcriptions
  • Explore intergenerational collaborations

Interns are expected to work a consistent schedule comprising  10 to 12 hours a week (A total of 120 hours). Interns are expected to perform high-quality, consistent work and may be required to complete coursework. In addition, one week before the end of the internship, the student will be required to submit a written reflection on what they learned and their personal experience. 

For 2023, we expect internship opportunities to include digital media and development, handling and cataloging historical artifacts, historical research, museum studies-related activities, and recording and editing oral histories. 


Application Process:

Internships are offered through a competitive selection process. Students will be required to complete the application and include a résumé. The DSC and faculty advisor will review the applicants, and individuals chosen for an internship will be notified. Internships will generally begin the third week of a semester. Submit completed applications to your faculty advisor and to the Digital Scholarship Center at dsc at rowan dot edu. 

For more information contact dsc at rowan dot edu.