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Digital Scholarship Center: About Us

Information about the resources in the Digital Scholarship Center


About the Rowan Libraries Digital Scholarship Center

The Rowan University Libraries Digital Scholarship Center (DSC) aims to empower and support learning, collaboration, creative and research activities, and the development of engaging scholarly products and unique educational experiences. We follow a student-as-partner approach offering opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty and community members in developing and curating digital projects, educational resources, and digital collections. These collaborations include unique learning opportunities such as course projects, research projects, Library initiatives, and internships. 

The DSC is also an inclusive and collaborative space where everyone in the Rowan community can access media design tools and library resources and develop the expertise necessary for creating digital media projects. In the DSC, all campus community members have equal opportunities to develop digital scholarship projects, enhance their technological literacy, learn how to organize and present their research, and express themselves creatively in the digital world. We offer a variety of services that support research and project development in the digital humanities and sciences. 


We offer a wide variety of services, including:

Digital scholarship project development:

  • Collaborating with faculty, staff, and students to develop and curate digital scholarship projects, digital collections, and educational resources (Appointments)

  • Developing cross-department collaborations and community-driven projects related to curriculum 

  • Developing and supporting unique course projects (Appointments)

  • Manage web-based digital humanities publishing systems

  • Photographing artifacts and specimens in 360-degrees, and curating collections for research and online learning

Unique learning opportunities:

  • Producing experiential learning opportunities through real-world projects and interactions with the wider community (Appointments)
  • Developing and co-supervising internships related to projects (See internship program)
  • Providing support for student entrepreneurial startups and research groups 
  • Offering a wide variety of workshops and talks that extend creativity, learning, research, and publishing
  • Building and publishing learning resources that support project development, course projects, and online learning (See Tutorials)
  • Support faculty partners in online learning, including course development and LMS support (Appointments)

Digital facility:

  • Providing and supporting an inclusive and collaborative digital learning space where everyone in the Rowan community can work and learn together to build digital scholarship projects, enhance technological literacy, and develop research and creative projects
  • Access to high-end computers and equipment, which can be reserved for individuals and small groups


The DSC's computer facility is generally available during all of the Library’s regular hours; however, during special events, such as workshops or lectures we may temporarily close the center. These events and times will be posted in the DSC the days leading up to the event. During the academic year, the available staffing hours may vary according to mid-terms, exam schedules and the availability of student support staff. The DSC may not be staffed over the summer, spring break or winter break.

We are located in Campbell Library, 3rd floor, room 343.

For more information about the Digital Scholarship Center please email dsc at rowan dot edu.

A photo of students photographing books for a project.



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