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Digital Scholarship Center: Rowan University Libraries Digital Scholarship Center Mission

Information about the resources in the Digital Scholarship Center


Develop and curate innovative digital scholarship projects, educational resources, and collaborative programs to advance and extend creativity, learning, research, scholarly communication, and teaching at Rowan University.


This is accomplished through:

  • Collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and the wider community to develop and curate unique digital scholarship projects and collections that relate to curriculum, regional history, or Rowan University inspired research.
  • Providing an inclusive and collaborative digital learning space where everyone in the Rowan community can work and learn together to build digital scholarship projects, enhance technological literacy, and develop their research and creative projects.
  • Producing unique learning opportunities that address the changing landscape of scholarship, technology, education, and learning, in addition to promoting the library as a collaborative partner to help address this change.


Core Values: 

Curiosity, Creativity, Collaboration, Sharing (Explore, Express, Experience)


In projects and learning opportunities we emphasize:


Active and Service learning Making
Autonomy Meaning
Craftsmanship Motivation (Intrinsic)
Creativity Mindfulness (Awareness)
Collaboration Open-minded Critical Thought
Curiosity Play
Design Productive climate
Discovery Problem-based learning
Diversity Quality
Experiential education Relevance
Experimentation Research
Innovation Risk-taking
Integrated Self-evaluation
Interdisciplinary Sharing
Joy Story