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Digital Scholarship Center: Complete Tutorial List

Information about the resources in the Digital Scholarship Center

Complete Tutorial List

Below is a list of various tutorials for programs we have here at the DSC, as well as, tutorials for Rowan University specific services.

A photo of Acrobat software logo.

Adobe Acrobat Tutorials

A photo of the Adobe Spark logo. Adobe Expres (Formerly named Spark) Tutorials

A graphic of a video camera.Creating a Video Project Using Free Web-based Editing Software

A photo of the Google Drive logo.

Google Drive Tutorials

A graphic of the iMovie logo.

iMovie Tutorials

A icon of the Apple logo.

Mac (OSX) Tutorials

A photo of the Microsoft Excel logo.

Microsoft Excel Tutorials

A photo of the Microsoft PowerPoint logo.

PowerPoint and Online Learning Tutorials

A photo of the Microsoft Word logo.

Microsoft Word Tutorials

A photo of the Pixlr logo. |  Free, Online Image Editing

A photo of the Rowan University logo.

Rowan University Account Tutorials

A photo of the Canvas logo.

A photo of the Wikipedia logo. Wikipedia Guide

Scalar Digital Humanities Publishing Tutorials

The Scalar logo.Scalar Digital Humanities Publishing

Scalar, is an open-source Digital Scholarship and Digital Humanities platform that can be used to develop interactive course projects and long-form multi-modal documents that include text, images, video, audio, and metadata. The following video tutorials introduce instructors and students to using Scalar in their courses and creative projects.