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Digital Scholarship Center: Google Calendar- Adding guests to Google Calendar

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Google Calendar- Adding guests to Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an organizational tool that allows users to schedule and share events. This tutorial will focus on how to create an event using Google Calendar. 


1: Log into google calendar and access your event. Make sure that you are logged into a google email and log onto google calendar using this link, After you log onto the calendar, go to the date of the event you want to invite someone to. 



2: Click onto the google calendar event. Once you locate the event, click on it. Once you do, a pop-up of an editing menu will appear. Click on the pencil icon to edit your event. 




3: Located the “add guests” option. Once you click on the pencil icon, you will be taken to an options menu. There is a “guests” panel to the right of the page within this menu. 




4: Typing in the email of your guest. Type the email of your guest into the “Add guests” column. Sometimes when you start to type an email into the column, there will be a drop-down menu of emails you have interacted with in the past. If the email of your guest appears, click on it. Once you are finished typing the email, click the enter button on your keyboard. 



5: Confirming your guests’ emails. To ensure that your guest’s email went through, look for their name underneath the “add guests” column. 



6: Saving your event. Once you are done adding a guest to your event, hit the “save” button to save the details of your event. 



7: Returning to the home screen. Once you hit the “save” button, you will be returned to your home screen.