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Digital Scholarship Center: Organizing a New Scalar Project

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Organizing a New Scalar Project

Organizing a New Scalar Project


Planning and organization is the first step when creating a Scalar project. It is essential to plan your project before you start work. This plan includes deciding on the chapters or sections of your project, developing the content you need to complete the project, and how you will organize your digital files. The following video tutorial introduces how to plan and organize your content using folders to match Scalar chapters. This easy and quick step will make creating your Scalar project easier and more enjoyable.



Step-by-step Directions:

We recommend organizing your project into chapters or sections that can be easily accessed using Scalar's navigation, also referred to as the table of contents. The navigation appears in the upper left corner of your Scalar project as seen here:

A screenshot of Scalar's navigation.



This is an example of Scalar's navigation open, showing the chapter structure of the project. 

A screenshot of Scalar's open navigation.



We recommend organizing your content in folders that match the titles of your sections or chapters. Name your folders using numbers and the section's title so that your folders will stay in numerical order. Use a three-digit number so that sections higher than 10 stays in order. Your Home folder should be named "000-Home" Your next section should be named something like "001-Section-Name". See the example below and notice that the folder names match the order and names of the sections in the navigation.

A screenshot of folders used to organize sections in Scalar.



Place your project's content inside the folders. This will help you plan your project and help you stay organized.

A screenshot of content on a Scalar project's folders.


After adding content to your folders, back up your work in your Rowan Google Drive. 


Select the following link to learn about Accessing and Uploading files to your Rowan Google Drive.