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Digital Scholarship Center: Logging In: Creating a Video Project Using Free Web-based Editing Software

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Logging into ClipChamp: Creating a Video Project using Free, Web-Based software: 

This video tutorial, by the Rowan University Libraries Digital Scholarship Center, introduces users to creating videos using the free, web-based video edition software ClipChamp. The software can be used to easily and quickly create student projects and instructional videos for online or blended learning. This specific video is the second of the series and provides guidance on creating an account and logging into the system.

Closed captions available through the video's  button. The transcript appears below.




Hi, and welcome to our series on creating
a video project using free web-based

video editing software my name is Mike Benson and in this video, we are going to

login to ClipChamp and begin to explore the software. We want to start at the

website and then click on the signup button. This will take us

to a page where we are asked to select an option. I'm selecting Education. We're

then asked to create an account using one of these methods. I prefer to not

click on my other accounts so I'm choosing to use my email. If you click this

box ClipChamp will send you emails. I'm choosing to not select this. Next you are

asked to enter your name and email address. Be sure to enter a correct email.

The service will then send you an email to this account. The message will include a

link which you will need to click to activate your account. Once you have

activated your account the website will open in your browser. If you are not

using Google's Chrome browser you will receive this message. if you don't have

Chrome installed you can download the software using this button. Once you have

the software installed and open go back to your email and click the link. This

will open the website and the software within the Chrome browser.

Now that you are logged in we can start exploring the software. In the next video

we will look at ClipChamps interface upload our media and start to build our

video project. I hope to see you there.