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Digital Scholarship Center: Creating a Project with Adobe Spark

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Creating a Project with Adobe Express

Once you have accessed Adobe Express using your Rowan credentials you will be directed to the software's main page, which is used to select preconfigured templates that you can customize. These templates include brochures, posters, invitations, flyers, infographics, report covers, graphics for social media, short video projects, and so much more. The following tutorial provides a brief introduction to the software. After you gain a few minutes of experience take some time to explore the wide variety of options. Though easy to use, the software includes many powerful tools that can help you quickly complete your projects.



  1. Once within the main page, click on the "View all" link located in the upper right. This will direct you to a page that shows all of the template options.

    This graphic shows you the main page.

  2. Once on the page, scroll up and down to see all of the templates. Select the option seen below, which is "Poster."

    This graphic shows the Adobe Spark template page.

  3. Once you select the Poster, a new window will appear showing you a detailed example of a poster. On the right side of the window is a selection tool that you can use to select a new template. We will select the template using the koala bear as seen below.

    This graphic shows how to Select a template in Adobe Spark.

  4. Once we select the template it will open the following window. Press Create.

    This graphic shows how to see a template

  5. The template will open and you can now start to edit the template. The template is fully customizable by selecting the text or photo and then using the options on the right.

    This graphic shows how the template

  6. Click the text within the template to edit the text. You can change the font, size, colors, line height, and also add a text effect. In the below example I edited the text including changing the colors, adding text, and a drop shadow.

    This graphic shows how to edit text.

  7. After you have completed your project you can go to the upper right corner to either invite a colleague to edit or proof the design, download a digital file, or publish it on the Adobe Express public platform.

    This graphic shows how to download.

    Invite a colleague to edit:

    This graphic shows how to invite colleagues to edit.

    Download the file:

    This graphic shows how to download file.

    Publish it on the Adobe Express public platform

    This graphic shows how to publish on the adobe spark platform.

For more information on using Adobe Express, please check the Campbell Library workshops or visit YouTube for video tutorials.