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Digital Scholarship Center: Adobe Spark: How to Make a Collage

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Adobe Express: How to Make a Collage

Adobe Express (Formerly Adobe Spark) is an online (currently free) tool similar to Canva that allows you to easily create graphics, printable media, web pages, and short videos using supplied templates.

This tutorial will teach you how to create a photo collage using Adobe Express.


  1. On the Adobe Express homepage, select the “Photo Collage” button.

    Photo of Adobe Spark Homepage

  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll be able to upload and/or search free photos Adobe Express provides.

    Photo of Adobe Spark Choose Photo page

  3. Clip the “Upload” button to upload photos from your computer. A pop-up will appear where you can look through your computer’s files.

    Photo of Finder tab open

  4. You can also search for free photos in the search bar. Type a phrase into the box, such as “happy,” and select the images you want.

    Photo to Adobe Spark Choose Photos page

  5. When you finish selecting your images, select the “Next” button. 

    Photo of Adobe Spark Choose Photo page

  6. It will take you to another screen where you will be able to click on various sizes of your collage. Click on your desired size and then hit the “Next” button.

    Photo of Adobe Spark Select a Size page

  7. You can also change the background color of your collage by clicking the “Background” button on the right-hand sidebar. 

    Photo of Adobe Spark editing page

  8. A right-hand panel will appear with options for organizing your collage format. 

    Photo of Adobe Spark with Background side-bar open