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Digital Scholarship Center: Excel: How To Use A Formula/ Function

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Excel: How To Use A Formula/ Function

Formulas/functions are a significant component of Excel. Knowing the shortcuts will help make your Excel assignment much easier to complete.  


1: Open Microsoft Excel, Click the plus button to open a blank workbook.  


2: Input all data



3: Select an empty cell (choose a cell where you want your final answer after calculations). In this example, cell A5 was chosen.



4: Type an equal sign into that cell to let Excel know you want to enter a formula. 



5: In this step, there are two ways to solve, as shown below.

Option 1: In this example, Addition was done. So typing =A1+A2 will give you the sum of 1(A1) + 2(A3)= 3. 



Option 2:  An alternative way to input formulas is to type an equal sign and the specific formula name. Then you must drag and highlight the cells you want the formula to act on. After dragging the cells, the formula must be closed with parentheses to solve. 


As you can see in this example, the answer is identical to the answer from Option 1. The only difference is the answer was calculated differently.



6: In cell A5, you can see the final answer to the formula calculated.


7: Don't forget to save your work!