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Digital Scholarship Center: Canvas: How to View Recorded Lectures

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Canvas: How to View Recorded Lectures

Being able to rewatch lectures is excellent because it allows you to watch class lectures on your own time and place. This tutorial will show you exactly how.


Note: This is only for classes where the professor chooses to record lectures. This does not apply to every class.


  1. Open up your canvas dashboard.

    Photo of Canvas dashboard

  2. Click on the specific class you want. On the left-hand side, there should be a menu. Click on Media Gallery to access all files and videos related to that class. 

    Photo of Canvas with a Class homepage open

  3. Once in your media gallery, you will be able to access all recorded lectures for that class.

    Photo of Canvas' Media Gallery open

  4. Click the specific lecture you want to watch. 

    Photo of video open

  5. Be sure to take notes and pay attention as you watch the lecture.