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Digital Scholarship Center: Excel: How To Sort Data

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Excel: How To Sort Data

Being able to store your data efficiently is very useful in Excel. Knowing this skill helps you organize your data and finish your project faster.


1: Open Microsoft Excel, Click the plus button to open a blank workbook.  


2: Insert data into various cells 


3: Highlight the data set you would like to sort by dragging the cursor across the whole data or clicking the triangle on the top left corner of the spreadsheet. 


4: Select the “data” tab on the top of the spreadsheet 



5: Select the “sort” button


6: Select the way you want Excel to sort the data (could be smallest to largest or largest to smallest or in alphabetical order) 




7: Select “ok” (the data will be sorted according to what you selected)



8: Don’t forget to save your work!