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Digital Scholarship Center: Excel: How To Fix An Excel Error Message

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Excel: How To Fix An Excel Error Message

Dealing with error messages in Excel can be quite frustrating. This tutorial will help break down and explain a few of the most common Excel error messages. 


1: Open Microsoft Excel, Click the plus button to open a blank workbook.  


2: Input all necessary data into workbook and work as normal 



3: If encountering any of these messages, a mistake was made when entering the formula. 


   =#DIV/0: Attempting to divide by zero.


   =#N/A!: No data can be found for the formula or function listed.

   =#NAME?: The texts inserted in the formula are not recognized by Excel. 

   =#NULL!: A space was used in formulas that reference multiple ranges; a
      comma separates range references.

   =#NUM!: The formula listed has invalid numeric data for the type of
      operation attempting to be used.

   =#REF!: The reference shown is invalid.

   =#VALUE!: The wrong type of function is being used for the data set.



4: Refer to the "Excel: How To Use A Formula/ Function" tutorial for more help on how to use formulas/functions properly 



5: Don't forget to save your work!