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Digital Scholarship Center: Google Slides - Create Slide Presentation

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Creating a Google Slide Presentation

Google Slides is an online tool used to create presentations within Google Drive. This powerful presentation tool can also be used inplace of Powerpoint or Keynote with the added benefit that your presentation will be automatically stored in the cloud. Another added benefit, is that Google Slides can be access and edited/viewed by a team in real time. In this tutorial we will show you how to create a slide presentation.

  1. Open Google Slides. At the top Start a new presentation bar, choose a template you would like to start with. You can expand the template gallery by clicking the arrows next to Template Gallery to view more templates. Choose Template

  2. Once you click a template, you will be taken to the editor. Google Slide Editor

  3. Adding, Deleting, and Arranging Content on a slide

  4. Depending on the type of content you would like to add, click the corresponding option in the toolbar. You can view more insert options by going to the menu bar and clicking the Insert tab. Toolbar Insert Insert Tab

  5. If you would like to delete an object you added, select the object and hit Delete on your keyboard.

  6. If you would like to arrange content on your slide. Make sure you have your object(s) highlighted and go to the Arrange tab. Here, you can choose the order of your objects (from front to back), the alignment, the rotation and more. Arrange Objects

  7. If you would like to move objects on your slide, hover over your object, when your cursor appears as a move cursor with 4 arrows, click and move the object to the desired position. Reposition Objects

  8. Adding, Deleting, and Arranging Slides

  9. To add a slide, click the "+" button in your toolbar. The new slide's template will depend on which slide is currently active. For example, if the title slide is highlighted in blue, and you click the "+" button, another title slide will be created.

    If you would like to add a different slide template, click on the arrow next to the "+" button and choose the template you would like to add. Add Slides

  10. To delete a slide, on the left slide panel, click the slide you want to delete and hit Delete on your keyboard. Another way to delete a slide is to right click on the slide you want deleted and choose Delete Slide. Delete Slides

  11. If you would like to rearrange your slide order, in the left panel, click and drag your slide to the desired position. Arrange Slides

  12. Your slides are automatically saved, once you are finished editing your slides, they are ready to be presented.