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Digital Scholarship Center: Save as PDF in Adobe Photoshop

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Save file as PDF in Adobe Photoshop

Did you know you can save PDFs through Photoshop without a special converter? Depending on certain presets, you can even save the layers in your PDF file for editing later. Below we will show you how to save Photoshop PDFs.

  1. With Photoshop open, go to File > Save As. A Save As pop-up will appear. In the Format dropdown, find "Photoshop PDF". Be sure to check As a Copy if you:

    • a. have not already saved your current .psd file or
      b. would like to continue working on your .psd file once your pdf is saved.


    If you do not check this tab, the current working document will be saved as a pdf and, depending on certain settings, you may not be able to edit it again once the document is closed. This graphic shows how to Save As

    This graphic shows how to Save As Dialog Window.


  2. Once you click Save, a Save Adobe PDF pop-up will appear. This graphic shows how to Save Adobe PDF
    Depending on what the final PDF file will be used for, choose the correct Adobe PDF Preset your project requires. Commonly used presets are

    • "[High Quality Print]" for documents that require high quality printing.
      "[Smallest File Size]" for documents that will stay digital (i.e. displayed on websites, sent via email etc.).
    This graphic shows how to see Adobe PDF Presets


  3. When you've chosen the correct preset, Click Save PDF.