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Digital Scholarship Center: Save as PDF in Powerpoint

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Save as PDF in Powerpoint

Using this method to save your presentation as a PDF is great for those who want to print their slides out on paper for review, or optimizing the slides for note taking. You have two options when saving your presentation as a PDF, both are listed below.

Option 1

  1. While your presentation is open, go to File > Save As. File > Save As

  2. Select "PDF" in the "File Format" dropdown, and then click "Save". Save as PDF

Option 2

    An alternative way to save your presentation as a PDF is through Print Settings. You also have control over how many slides appear per page and different styles they appear in (for example: handouts for taking notes).

  1. Go to File >> Print. File >> Print

  2. * If you do not want to save multiple slides on one page or a different styling, skip this step and proceed to Step 3 *
    Make sure all the printing details are shown, if you do not see the following instructions, be sure to click on the "Show Details" button. Show Details

    In order to have multiple slides/different styling, under the "Layout" Section, click the dropdown to set the slide count/style you prefer. Multiple Slides

  3. On the bottom left corner, choose "Save as PDF" from the PDF Dropdown. Save as PDF

  4. Name your file, and then click "Save". Save as PDF