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Digital Scholarship Center: Screen Recording with QuickTime

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Screen Recording with QuickTime

QuickTime Player is one out of many popular video players. In addition to playing videos, QuickTime Player also doubles as a screen recorder! We will show you how to start screen recording in this tutorial.

  1. With QuickTime Player open, go to File > New Screen Recording. This graphic shows how to access a New Screen Recording

  2. A Screen Recording prompt will appear. This graphic shows how to view the Screen Recording Pop-Up

    Before you click the record button, Click the down arrow next to the button to ensure you are set up properly.
    This graphic Show Mouse Clicks in Recording Example

    Microphone Options: If you prefer to have your voice recorded, choose the microphone you prefer. You must have an internal or external microphone for recording.
    You can also loan microphones through the DSC, view what types of microphones we have here.

    Options: Choose "Show Mouse Clicks in Recording" if you would like your mouse clicks emphasized. Show Mouse Clicks in Recording Example
    On left: When checked, the cursor is emphasized on click with black circle. On Right: When unchecked, the cursor is not emphasized.


  3. When you are ready, click the record button. A popup will appear in the center of your screen.
    Click anywhere on the screen if you want your Entire Screen Recorded. Click and drag if part of screen needs recording

    If you want only a part of your screen recorded, click and drag over the section you want and click "Start Recording". This graphic shows how to Click and drag if part of screen needs recording

  4. When you are ready to finish recording, in the top menu bar, click on the Stop Icon. This graphic shows how to Stop Icon in top Menu Bar

  5. Your recording will pop up on your screen for you to review. If you are satisfied with the outcome and would like to save the recording, Go to File > Save. A pop-over will appear on your video, name your video and hit "Save". This graphic shows how to Save your video. This graphic shows how to Rename Video.